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How much do you know about the world’s drinks? Take a shot at our quiz and find out

You may now be a Zoom-drinks expert but can you tell a Tom Collins from a caesar or the origin of the caipirinha?

Zoom hangovers have become a thing since lockdown, as people enjoy virtual drinks – and no one has to drive home. But you'd be going some to finish a Methuselah of wine. How many normal bottles are in one of these babies?





The Czech Republic easily tops the table for world beer consumption. How many litres, per head, of Pilsener, Budweiser, Staropramen (and the rest do) its citizens get through a year?





Most of the countries in the top 10 beer drinkers of the world (per capita) list are European, but the number two slot is occupied by an outlier. Can you guess it?


United States



Belgium, a surprising 27th on the consumption list, is historically the home of serious brewing, but which European country actually has the largest number of active breweries?


The Netherlands


The UK

A recent strong-beers race between Scotland, Germany and the Netherlands has seen some mighty brews. What's the ABV of Brewmeister's amber-red Snake Venom?





A "caesar" is Canada's answer to the bloody mary, with vodka, spices and tomato juice in a salt-rimmed glass. But which unique ingredient does it also contain?

Maple syrup

Clam broth

Fermented moose horn

Seal blood

The origins of Brazil's famous caipirinha are murky, but according to some accounts it was developed for ...

Keeping up the spirits of sugar-cane labourers

Getting the dancing going at Brazil's Festas Juninas (harvest festival)

Treat the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918

Lubricating the fingers of Samba drummers

Gin, cherry brandy, Benedictine, lemon or lime juice, pineapple juice and Angostura bitters are the ingredients of which exotic cocktail?




Singapore Sling

A Long Island iced tea is made from a headache-inducing mixture of vodka, gin, tequila, rum and triple sec - but what other ingredient provides its tawny hue?



Strongly brewed tea

Brown sugar

Byarozavik is a nutritious – and non-alcoholic – drink popular in Belarus and neighbouring states. What is it made from?

Crushed cucumbers

Birch sap

Sprouted rye

Potatoes and sour cream

Yielding pale white wine with pear, white peach and grapefruit flavours, vermentino grapes are mostly cultivated in which Italian region?





Which is the most important grape for growers in France's Rhone valley?


Pinot noir


Cabernet sauvignon

Many a Zoom party will include glasses of ever-popular New Zealand sauvignon blanc, but which French region did the grape originate from?

The Loire




Red, white and rosé Sukhindol wines come from which country?





The Guinness brewery in Dublin has been running since 1759, but before 1939 what were its employees not allowed to do?

Refuse a pint of Guinness with dinner in the canteen

Take surplus beer home

Sell their company shares

Marry a Catholic

Rakı, ouzo, sambuca and arak are popular liquors in many parts of Europe, and beyond. What do they all have in common?

The name means "fiery water"

They're all flavoured with anise

They have to be made in a copper still to be authentic

They're all said to improve men's fertility

Many visitors to the island of Madeira will enjoy a glass of "poncha" or punch – rum with various tropical fruit juices. But where does the name come from?

The way your head feels next morning after too many glasses

The Hindi word for "five" – the number of ingredients in the original drink

A South American word for blanket - for the drink's warming properties

An old French word for push or jostle

"The bitters are excellent for your liver, the gin is bad for you. They balance each other." Big drinker Orson Welles was talking about which cocktail?





Whether in a Tom Collins or a classic G&T, gin is an indispensable drinks cabinet ingredient, but what is the origin of the name?

Geneva, Switzerland, where herb extracts were first mixed with clear spirit

Its popularity as a fortifier during long games of gin rummy

From jenever, Dutch for the juniper berries that give the drink's distinctive flavour

From Old French engin, meaning device or trick

After a long night of Hite beers with soju chasers, you stumble to a cafe next morning for a restorative haejangguk, or "hangover soup". Which country are you in?

South Korea




16 and above.

We salute you - but maybe take a little water with it. The lockdown may well last several more weeks

11 and above.

Quite the sophisticated drinker, if not yet reaching Hemingway heights

0 and above.

Wow, your liver must be squeaky clean despite the lockdown

6 and above.

Showing admirable restraint here, but maybe explore beyond Lidl's special offers

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The ride that always delivers: cycling the Postman's Path, Isle of Harris

The Postman’s Path is a cycling challenge that tests a rider’s mettle over rugged terrain. But until 1990, the trail was the only means of getting vital supplies to remote islanders, and it was the job of one man to walk its 10km route three times a week

All photos by Tristan Tinn. This article first appeared in Sidetracked

I stand at the end of the concrete slipway, looking out over a mercury-like sea. A seal pops its head through the surface before slipping back into the Hebridean waters. Low clouds hang with all the weight of Harris Tweed and the late July dusk illuminates the craggy coastline surrounding the small harbour.

At my back is the house of Kenny and Moira MacKay, who are in their 80s. I imagine the pair looking out on a similar, but forever dynamic view over the preceding decades. Over the years little has changed inland either, except for one additional feature – a strip of tarmac road that drops steeply into the village of Rhenigidale (or Rèinigeadal in Gaelic). This road was built in 1990, making this small group of houses on the east coast of the Isle of Harris the last in Britain to be connected by road.

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Can we claim insurance now advice against travel is ‘indefinite’?

The Foreign Office’s updated advice warns against all but essential travel until further notice. One reader asks how that will affect their holiday in July

“We have a six-week holiday to North America starting on 4 July, all independently booked”, says Steven, 52, from Bromsgrove. “We are flying to Canada and then doing a three-week drive, by car, across the US and then picking up a motorhome in Canada for final three weeks. The flights have been fully paid and are non-refundable. The car hire and US hotels are all fully refundable, except one, but the motorhome is not.

We are due to pay the balance of motorhome, booked through Authentik Canada, by June. . All payments made so far have been on a credit card. I have full travel insurance, which also covers travel disruption. Now that government travel advice has changed are companies obliged to offer a refund? Or will we be able to claim on our insurance now?

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My favourite travel souvenir: readers' tips

These mementos of bygone trips come from all over the world and each has a story to tell, from the ‘discovery’ of a sport in Vietnam to a 1970s overland trip to Iran

We sought respite from Ho Chi Minh City’s beating midday sun in leafy Tao Dan park, where Vietnamese locals – wearing sweatbands, legwarmers and no-nonsense looks on their faces – were in the middle of an intense game of foot badminton.

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10 of the best travel documentary films

These documentaries offer journeys of discovery from Antarctica and the Himalayas to Borneo, the Amazon – and even Woodstock in 1969

Do you like mountains, classical music and Willem Dafoe? You’re in luck. This 2017 doc is narrated by the actor and features music by, among others, Vivaldi and Beethoven – performed by the Australian Chamber Orchestra. Jennifer Peedom (Sherpa) directs footage from many locations, much of it captured by mountaineer and photographer Renan Ozturk. In a departure from the typical information-heavy documentary, the meditative script ponders on our relationship with heights and risk – vertigo sufferers will be clinging to the edge of the sofa.
Rated PG, on Netflix, Google Play, YouTube

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A virtual walk in Welsh mountains – with just an OS map and my imagination

Kevin Rushby explores the Berwyn range’s contours and landmarks from the comfort of his home – finishing the hike with a well deserved, but fantasy, pint

The method is simple: I examine my pile of Ordnance Survey maps, some battered and torn, others barely used, and find an area of Britain that I would like to visit. But I have no map, so I order the sheet I need online. I am going for a virtual walk there. No one can stop me, not even the Derbyshire constabulary.

Related: Off the chart: the big comeback of paper maps

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A local's guide to virtual Venice

Venetian photographer Giacomo Cosua takes us on a tour of La Serenissima, through films, music, books, podcasts and virtual reality

Tiziano Scarpa’s Venice is a Fish captures beautifully the elusive, poetic mood of our enigmatic city. Neither guide nor history book, it is perfect to read before a visit, because turning the last page, you already feel you have a relationship with the city. Then it is just a question on arrival of forgetting about the usual sightseeing and getting lost in the labyrinth of narrow alleyways. I read it when it first came out, discovering many unknown things about my home town.

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10 of the best virtual tours of the world's natural wonders

If you’re bored of lockdown strolls in the local park, try these online hikes to Everest and Patagonia and a jaw-dropping ascent of El Capitan

10 virtual tours of the world’s most famous landmarks

At 277 miles in length, 18 miles across at its widest, and a maximum 1,857 metres deep, this vast Arizona landmark is grand in nature as well as name. Around 40 sedimentary layers are visible in its steep cliffs, with the oldest basement rocks formed around two billion years ago. Hike the canyon’s Bright Angel Trail via a Google Street View Trek. One of the most popular long-distance routes in the national park (9.3 miles), it zigzags up from the Colorado River to the south rim. Like with other entries in the list, wider exploration is on offer with Google Earth view, which lets users zoom in and out and click into points of interest – the peaks of Wontons Throne or Angels Window, for example – for further information. Another VR project, AirPano, has high-definition 360-degree images for a bird’s eye view of the Red Rocks.

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Naturalists flock to Chris Packham's DIY 'Springwatch' on Facebook

The presenter’s daily Self-Isolating Bird Club draws on wildlife footage caught by enthusiasts on mobile phones in their gardens. Packham calls it ‘Dad’s Army makes TV’

Lockdown day 10 in south-east London. A loud rhythmic tweeting is emanating from the cherry plum tree in my back garden. A great tit? Blue tit? I catch a glimpse; too small for a great tit, not as colourful.

I don’t know my birdsongs beyond the basics, but I remember a friend imitating calls to coax birds nearer so he could identify them. I have an idea and grab my phone and Google “coal tit song”. I press play and the rival tweeting produces instant results. Hopping from branch to branch towards me a delightful but agitated coal tit emerges and alights on a branch barely two metres away (I think it knows). Is it angry or amorous? My exhilaration at our proximity turns to doubt and guilt – I’ve used gadgetry to disrupt the natural world. What was I thinking? The coal tit flies off, its song tinged with irritation.

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How well do you know the foods of the world? Take our national dish quiz to find out

Are you hot stuff or just cold leftovers? Find out in our food and travel quizathon

A francesinha (frenchie) is a speciality of Porto, Portugal (pictured), but what is it?

A crisp, almond-flavoured biscuit for dipping in a fortified wine

A meat-free version of a croque monsieur, with grilled cheese and a fried egg

A hot sandwich filled with ham, sausage, cheese and steak

A long loaf of bread, like a sourdough baguette

Eating sushi in its homeland is a highlight of a trip to Japan, but which of these is a vital ingredient in sushi?

Nori seaweed

Vinegared rice

Raw fish

Daikon radish

"Spice bag" – a mix of chips, chicken, red and green peppers, chilli and onions – was voted 2020's favourite takeaway dish in which country?

New Zealand


Sri Lanka


Warming, spicy goulash is the national dish of Hungary, but which of these ingredients was not in the original medieval recipe?




All of the above

Bobotie, a dish of minced meat, spices and dried fruit with a baked-egg topping, is a national dish of which country?


South Africa



Roti canai, flatbreads with spicy dal, originated in India, but which country has particularly taken them to its heart?





Pastilla, the Moroccan filo pastry pie, is traditionally made with which meat?



Chicken liver


It can look a little like carpet underlay, but injera bread is perfect for scooping up spicy stew and vegetables in which country?





Traditional French pot-au-feu is usually made with which meat?



Wild boar


It sounds like something to do with car maintenance, but "oil down" – another stew, this time of chicken, breadfruit, dumplings and turmeric – is the national dish of which country, also knows as the Spice Isle?





A future pleasure might be strolling around a Greek island harbour devouring a gyro from a stall. What sort of street food is it?

A doner kebab

A hotdog

Fried chicken

A crepe

Now as popular as pizza in Russia and neighbouring states, cheesy khachapuri bread comes from which country?





The gloriously named larb is a dish of cold minced meat, but where does it come from?





The popular British Cornish pasty bears a striking resemblance to the national dish of which country?





Which of Italy's popular pasta shapes does not feature in the photo below?





Ackee and saltfish is enjoyed all over Jamaica, but what is ackee?

A fruit related to the lychee

A root vegetable, like a starchy turnip

A sour berry grown on the island's high-altitude slopes

A hard grain cooked to a pulp then fried

Fettuccine alla papalina is the national dish of which diminutive nation state?

San Marino



Vatican City

Smelling so strong it can make the unwary gag, hakarl is months-old fermented shark meat from which country?





Poutine – chips with cheese curds and gravy – is a trending junk-food option. But where does it come from?





Which of these ingredients is not regularly used in popular Peruvian dish ceviche?




Thinly sliced rare beef

16 and above.

How many holidays have you cancelled this year?

11 and above.

Good show – time to explore a few more exotic takeaways perhaps?

0 and above.

How long have you been in lockdown?

6 and above.

Just a Tesco meal deal for you

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Tasmania's devil of a climb: a photo essay

On a climbing trip in Australia – to the rock formations below Mount Wellington near Hobart – Murdo MacLeod gets more drama than he bargained for

Climbing guide John Fischer

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